An easy way to build your team.

Its our job to help you find the right people for your business, without any faff or painful decision-making. We do all the legwork for you by sourcing the best candidates who have the skillset and the potential for growth. 

We have a knack for reading people and knowing what value they can truly bring in an organisation that makes sense. With our approachable-yet-rigourous recruitment process, we continue to use our developing networks to help you achieve your business objectives. With our specialist knowledge of core requirements in the Civils, Construction and Rail sectors, we’re able to get you up and running at a far faster rate than any other generic recruitment agency. In the fast-paced contractual nature in these sectors, it’s our specialism and approach that sets us above the rest.

Recruitment that works

We continue to recruit for hundreds of candidates ranging from various levels of experience into large and small companies.

Fit for all job types

We understand the contractual nature of industrial work, which is why we support a variety of entry-points into your workplace to ensure a person's experience and goals are aligned with your expectations and budget.

Accurate Acquisition

We know how important it is to get the right person at the right time, as failing to do so can have long-running consequences that can eat into your budget. That's why put our candidates through their paces and get to know them well.

Intelligent Budgeting

We know how important money is to your business, which is why we employ an intelligent budgeting format that works around you and your needs where we work together to determine what you need for a specific length of time.

The CCR approach

  • Our industry specialisms mean that we’re able to spec-out exactly what you want and the kind of skills you’re looking for so that your involvement is minimised, allowing you to focus on what matters. 

  • We tailor-make job descriptions based on the latest certifications and skills that are required to tackle the modern challenges that you face as an employer. This, combined with our ability to filter out only the best candidates, means you know you’re getting the most suitable people that we have selected. 

Discuss your needs

Whether you’re looking for advice for the ideal job and candidate to make the most out of your business, or if you want us to commence work immediately, we’re here to support you and your business to get meaningful growth


Work in the rail, construction or civil sectors? We've got helpful tips that help put you to the front of the queue.